The Dreamer whispers…

Have you ever stepped into a warm puddle?

Our reality will always be defined by our perceptions. What we find common in our reality, we agree as things that exist, things define the truth for us. Thus we define our world, and our roles in the world, through the windows of our perception.

However, my interest lies beyond that, in the power of our imagination, where there is no limit to our reality. Where the truth can be twisted, shed and destroyed, where the boundaries that we assign to ourselves and our understanding, reasoning and cognition can be done away with. Imagine, a myriad of colors, with a splash of sunlight and a wisp of fog, all coming together to form something so beautiful that it mesmerizes you. Lets not construct a wall around ourselves. Lets illuminate and redefine.

Thus, I present to you, my poems, a reflection of my imagination, where I do not put any constraints on myself, but express with passion. I hope you enjoy reading this as much I did writing and imagining 🙂

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