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Love Song.

The wail of a love song –
I recognize,
I do not pretend to understand
The shifting verse of fluid feeling
The slender twigs oft broken, the
Always that never was.

Yet, in intuition there is
That deep sense of understanding
A moment that holds, in its bosom
Only to lose it again –
The tight clasp, sand pushing out
Grip trembling, eroding slowly
Through the seams of my skin
I pretend to hold, glistening sand
Losing myself in the love I let go.

Tipping the hourglass, voluntarily
Empty now, my chest
For another hand to softly
Tip the hourglass again.

Of Fear and Faith

In the bleakest of evenings, we find ourselves

Hoping for opportunity, to shine upon us, some

Good fortune.


The human spirit soars like an eagle, and often

Drowns in the weight of the world, yet, it steadily

Burns on.


Strength and courage is often spoken of, but

Rarely acted upon, for intentions of the spirit are

Crushed by the mind.


The mind will question, where the spirit believes,

Selfish, pessimistic, it will condemn, where the spirit

Exudes faith.


Thus, the mind and spirit, together co-exist, often

Inflicting doubt on each other, but you, my friend,

Whom do you listen to?

The Farce

Don’t, don’t believe what you see

Manipulated into trusting your senses

Those colours don’t run deep within

The glass is stained, the windows both tinted

The blotch seeps in, morphing itself

Reconstructing your present perception

The dimensions remain unchanged

The internal, invariably altered.


We were born with translucency,

Crystals are clear to the blind

The blotch breeds, taking over completely

The deaf, the numb, and the unborn child

Their worlds rotate not on misled illusions,

Perhaps you think that you can define

This maze, in terms of fluid consciousness

And the one who holds the eternal crown

When your world comes crashing down.

In Search of Peace

I have seen the wildest of dreams,

I have seen,

What marks the cycle of Genesis, etchings

Of our forefathers, their footprints gleaming

In the sands of time.


I have seen temples, mosques and churches

I have seen them full, thronged with believers

Who would worship these idols of stone, or

Probably some material drawn from the earth

I look at these, these lifeless beings, adored

By one so many, and shake my head and

Laugh at their folly.


Perhaps it’s their belief that breaks my laugh,

It’s that faith, that mocks my mockery, and

Disturbs me, sending me on a vexed path,

Who do you believe in? I ask myself,

When life seems to tread a-weary, and the

Way ahead be full of thorns, whom do you

Go to? To whom do you pray? Who gives you

The assurance that the end will be bright?

They are laughing at me.


I’m sorry, my Lord, but I don’t see you

Neither do I hear, smell or feel you, I know

You’re out there somewhere, probably laughing

At all of us, me , for my foolish thoughts

And the others who have made you into an idol

Or probably another human being, or themselves

Your image, and you the King of Heaven,

But you know the truth.


You know our deepest, darkest secrets, you made

Us, didn’t you? Haha, you remain silent, invisible

For you know, that the human nature is such,

That thinks of everything else, passes judgement

On every other life, apart from itself, for it is

In us, that we have to look, to seek answers

That we seem not to have.


I hear you laughing.

Of Fire And Flames

A soothing flame on the candle-head

Devourer of darkness, a symbol of hope

Standing alone against the darkest night

A transcending pale glow, peaceful serenity

Seems as if would burn for all eternity

Until it itself consumes…..


A raging inferno in the forest dry

Like golden Ichor, a mighty flame

Fierce, uncontrollable, carelessly powerful

A child borne of lightning and thunder

Or perhaps deliberate human blunder

Till rain soothes the angry fumes….


Wild is the fire of human desire

Wilder is the blaze of the human heart

Flaring forever, keeping hopes alive

Spurred by dreams, unquenchable thirst

And though things may seem at their worst

The fiery flower forever blooms….


There’s too a fire, the funeral pyre

A desolate flame, essence of purity

Releasing one from earthly bonds

Final relief from all its pain

The fate is written, a new life to gain

And thus the circle of life resumes….

My Apocalypse

it’s fury unleashed with a vengeance,

The brutal assault tearing and screaming

The moan of chaos, reminiscent of the cries

The wail of the burning souls of the netherworld

Screeching and screaming of blinding red pain

Never mellowed, unchained and unstoppable

A searing spike of flame that impales the conscious.


A blistering sword piercing my conscious

Melting the contents to a perplexed disarray

A boiling mass of the deepest scarlet

Blurred and blinded, all senses wide shut

This bloody mass is going to burst forth

And splatter its wet remains everywhere

For it is nothing, if it cannot be broken.


This arcane inferno sweeps without from within

Gruesome annihilator of order and system

Of understanding and truth, belief and faith

What it is, is what it’s not, and what it is not

It seems to be, for nothing is certain eternally

Blind me and tie me, bludgeon me and set me alight

See what becomes of me and proclaim it the truth,

My requiem will shatter the common illusion

Me, the fake messiah of the ungrateful good.