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Everything To Feel.

My last reminder was a number
11:22, branch of blood splash
Help, the walls are painted –
In red, coated in red, revelling
In red, red is the colour of my desire.

That explodes outwards, sticky red
Substance, hard to take off, scratch
Wax, set it to flame, a slow burner
Hunch – sometimes, letting go is
Being careless, and yet carefree.

I revel in both, the careless and
The carefree, one makes me nervous
The other, a surge of adrenaline
Joyous excitement – enjoyment
Eyes, wide gleaming almost like
New soul-shattering discovery.

Being careless has often been a
Mistake, wish they didn’t go together
Consequences, be afraid – turn away
Don’t look them in the eye and stare
Before it gets ugly, go. I’ve been told
and yet, I refuse to be afraid of possibility.

We can’t live in fear. We can only live
By exploring our nifty curiosities and
Passions. The fear will always be there
I know, before the unknown leap –
But a life to live, and things to know
All I want, is everything, to feel.

Tell Me

Tell me.
Tell me what you feel.

It never is, nothing,
I sense your restlessness
When our eyes become strangers
A hesitation in the taking of hands
Your fingers, coiling around the cold
Door handle, pale in the tightness of your grip.

I feel your disturbed soul
The vague blankness on your brow
That hides the wounds,
The clawing that tears you
The painful twists of your heart
I see you hurting,
And it hurts me so much.

The silence talks to me at night
An uncomfortable quietness
A desperation, indecipherable
The window seems to provide you with
Some solace, the darkness
Seeps into you.

So tell me, then
Let me go through
To your heart and gently coax
The fear and the anxiety
Your feelings, I cradle them
They are precious to me.

So be honest,
Even it shatters me,
For you resonate as I do,
And I resonate as you
Our bond, stronger,
Than separation.

Of Fear and Faith

In the bleakest of evenings, we find ourselves

Hoping for opportunity, to shine upon us, some

Good fortune.


The human spirit soars like an eagle, and often

Drowns in the weight of the world, yet, it steadily

Burns on.


Strength and courage is often spoken of, but

Rarely acted upon, for intentions of the spirit are

Crushed by the mind.


The mind will question, where the spirit believes,

Selfish, pessimistic, it will condemn, where the spirit

Exudes faith.


Thus, the mind and spirit, together co-exist, often

Inflicting doubt on each other, but you, my friend,

Whom do you listen to?

We Are Not Alone..

“Ghosts”, she whispered

Silver silhouette forming

Emerging from the moonlit tranquility

Of the sea of Souls.

Seeping through his consciousness

The sudden realisation  of a spiraling anomaly

Then fiery questions burning through

The curtain of mist engulfing her form.

She stood at the brink,

Where the two had interspersed

Each previously intermingling freely

Within the realm of the same design.

Silently staring, he suddenly fathomed

Memories and thoughts, deviously moulded

Immensely convoluted, he was looking

At the convergence,his strange creation.

“You’re a part of me”

Decision, all dilemmas cooled

Cold curiosity, slight apprehension, and yet

A taste of peace, the warm cloak of surety.

“Ghosts”, she whispered

Silver silhouette fading,

Sinking into the moonlit tranquility

Of the sea of the Unknown.

The Night Is For Hunting

Footsteps, quiet footsteps

Snaking into your room,

Then there’s silence.




You think you’ve seen it all.

But that shadow outside your door,

You haven’t seen anything like that before.

The curtains quiver quietly,

The wind seems to whisper,

“Here comes your worst nightmare”

It softly caresses you, in false comfort

You think you’ve seen it all,

The door opens.


A sudden mist spreads its arms,

And engulfs you, the scent of

Your terror makes the fog,


You stand frozen, and your mind

Goes blank.

You think you’ll hide, but you know

Somehow you know,

That it will find you.


It can smell your fear,

It draws towards you,

And as your heart beats faster,

The shadows grow darker,

And then its staring at you.


You’re blinded.

Darkness and the smell of carrion,

Then pain, like a knife plunged into fire

Molten, shoved into your body

It’s slow torture

Listening to its heavy breath,

Your body smoulders

Your head, at the verge of exploding

When closing your eyes makes

No difference.

You’re powerless.


There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

You won’t return.