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Everything To Feel.

My last reminder was a number
11:22, branch of blood splash
Help, the walls are painted –
In red, coated in red, revelling
In red, red is the colour of my desire.

That explodes outwards, sticky red
Substance, hard to take off, scratch
Wax, set it to flame, a slow burner
Hunch – sometimes, letting go is
Being careless, and yet carefree.

I revel in both, the careless and
The carefree, one makes me nervous
The other, a surge of adrenaline
Joyous excitement – enjoyment
Eyes, wide gleaming almost like
New soul-shattering discovery.

Being careless has often been a
Mistake, wish they didn’t go together
Consequences, be afraid – turn away
Don’t look them in the eye and stare
Before it gets ugly, go. I’ve been told
and yet, I refuse to be afraid of possibility.

We can’t live in fear. We can only live
By exploring our nifty curiosities and
Passions. The fear will always be there
I know, before the unknown leap –
But a life to live, and things to know
All I want, is everything, to feel.


I can’t describe what I feel right now
I haven’t read about this anywhere
I haven’t seen it, heard it, smelt it or touched it
I cannot imagine a word that does justice to it.
It conjures up no images in my head,
Can’t define it, can’t recognize it
I can feel it, and yet, I don’t know
What it is, but I do know, what it’s not.

The irony of language often traps us,
In images and words, and the relations between them
Only to realise that there is no connection,
Between the things we see, and the things we speak
Multitudes of people, multitudes of chains, binding
The abstract to the real, and yet, we go on
Talking, as if nothing were wrong with
The opening line of the poems we write.