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Missing You

Infrared curtain rooms and laser beams

Pink laptop the blue spectacles tastefully decorate

The bed, slightly crushed, and a blanket

Rather crumpled but soft with a strand of hair

Poised perfectly twisted against the wave

Tracing a path from pillow to hand to touch

Circles and skin caricatures almost tattooing

Love, into your fingers and mine,


Missing you,

Exaggerated spill-over the boat that

Carefully buds and blooms, with time

My love, in time we shall meet and depart

Again to find each in the other’s comforting arms

On that same coppice bed where we found

Each other, so much closer, come closer…

Your taste marks my soul,

And I will bleed a little, everyday

Till we meet again.

What Is, Is Not

I was staring at the wall today.
I guess the white washed surface
Becomes a rather wide canvas for me
To splash my paint on,
Swirls of gold and silver
And colours that I have created
Emerging from within, a face
Refusing to vanish.

The funny thing is, I placed it there
Stuck it, like a poster, to the wall
Staring at it for hours, like it
Would vanish any second,
Of course it didn’t.
It was embedded in some deep
Valley, that my mind filled with
Memories, hopes and dreams.

Like an island in the stormy sea, calling you
To land safely on it’s shore, helping you,
Coaxing you on, this little island
On my wall, spoke to me.
I was the voice, and the messenger
Sometimes, you want things so badly
That you realise that you can create them
And believe.


Misty waves skirt through,
The dreamy defenses of my conscience,
They bring images and words to rest
At my unprotected sandy shores,
The waves come crashing in once again
And they’re buried in the sand.

There’s a line in the sand.

The shores seem empty now,
The waves have receded to a silent whisper
As the moon blinks out of the clouds.
The line glimmers, flickers as if alive
Its like a knife wound, gleaming silver
Slickly unsheathed and stabbed,
Haha, it bleeds red,
Its left its mark right there.