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If this,
were enough to
make you stop
a moment
steal your gaze
and still your eye,
resuscitate a soft
twinge that you
haven’t felt
in a while –
to hold you
in a spell, even
if it doesn’t remain,
or still your fleeting
thoughts a moment
and hold you close
again – if it were
enough to say,
that there are things
I cannot say
but you can hear them
all the same,
in simple words
and warmth,
in a hand held
for a second more
and left to lose its
way, a touch to
ignite the fire –
keep the flame.

If I Am But The Name You Gave Me

If I am but the name you gave me,

The shroud you covered me in

Mossed etching on a rotten stone

Dusty diary strewn on the floor

Wilted clothes in an aging cupboard,

Frozen and hung on the wall.

Old scar, itching and healing

The warmth of the summer sea sun

A labyrinth of murky stories,

Concealed trapdoors, hurriedly forgotten.

Some remembered on smoky nights

Rest cinders in the rubbish heap

In the brimming silo of time,

Eternal allure of reflections

The trace is eager to find,

Buried bodies, breathing life.

If I am but the name you gave me,

And all that I’ve left behind

I’m gracious for the slumber

In this silent house, benign.

While We Sleep

Wafting across
A tranquil ocean
Floating with the fog-lights off
Into murky waters.

The machinery
Churns a vision,
Hapless but forced to witness
As events unfold.

There is
A presence,
Beneath this seemingly
Billowing cloak of blank charcoal
Unfathomable to the mind.

In this vivid
Tapestry woven
From the fragments of
Memory, there is space
To spurt disproportionately,
To breathe and colour-burst
Crumbling and emerging
Papiere-mache reforming
And becoming

Waking lives,
Leave behind
Broken dreams,
Fading and eventually