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Missing You

Infrared curtain rooms and laser beams

Pink laptop the blue spectacles tastefully decorate

The bed, slightly crushed, and a blanket

Rather crumpled but soft with a strand of hair

Poised perfectly twisted against the wave

Tracing a path from pillow to hand to touch

Circles and skin caricatures almost tattooing

Love, into your fingers and mine,


Missing you,

Exaggerated spill-over the boat that

Carefully buds and blooms, with time

My love, in time we shall meet and depart

Again to find each in the other’s comforting arms

On that same coppice bed where we found

Each other, so much closer, come closer…

Your taste marks my soul,

And I will bleed a little, everyday

Till we meet again.


Flakes of gold

Wither and fall from gnarled trees,

The autumn is catching

The summer recedes


To hibernate

To collapse into lush silence,

Cloud lines floating

Silver sun hiding


Longing to touch the earth

Cold quilt,

To keep you awake at night.

I keep a leaf

In my book

For you,

I hold it close to me

Its scent tingling

Expanding inside me,

Dry leaves

Crumbling in my fist

So many

Blown away by the wind

So many

But you I keep

I hold you close to me.


Scenes departing, the mists clear
Holding onto melting sunlit nights
With chocolate dribbling down your lips
Serenading the deeper magic,
Crumbling inside me, these bits
Leave a trail, black summer wood
Don’t glow in the dark, it hurts
To see, silver nightshine
A crown of chandeliers
For lunatics to rave and hunt
It burns my flesh and blood
Your heat unleashed, don’t
Touch, or I might fall in love
Crumbling inside of me,
These ashes leave a bitter taste
Paper moulded plane leaves
Stretches into the sea, the hand
Leans around your waist
In secret wandering harmoniously
Fading into expanding soundscapes
Give in to anything, precious little left
To hold, to have, to be, to breathe
It hurts, I wish you were here.